We harvest Monday mornings to ensure freshness and delivery before the weekend.

Zava Ranch

Organic Fruit Delivered from California Orchard

Healing food grown without chemicals or animal by-products

Only sustainably and ethically grown chemical-free veganic organic fruit from California farm, wildcrafted herbs and succulents.

Zava Ranch is a sustainable family-owned chemical-free veganic organic fruit orchard as well as a herb and succulent farm located in Ventura County on the Central Coast of Southern California, USA.

We ship only chemical-free veganic organic fruit and wildcrafted herbs.

Zava Ranch - Chemical Free Organic Fruit in California OrchardWe are a small California farm situated on twenty acres of mostly citrus and avocado trees growing in our veganic organic chemical free orchard.

The trees are basking in the sunshine, cultivated and harvested ethically, sustainably, organically, and chemical free, without the use of animal products or by-products.

We live and raise our kids where we grow and harvest fruit.

We eat fruit off of our trees.

The kids play in the orchard.

Health, safety, and nutritional value of the chemical-free veganic organic food we grow on our land is our focus.

We never spray the trees or add anything to the soil that we wouldn’t want our own kids to eat.

We don’t wash, wax, sort by size, artificially ripen or enhance the fruit in any way.

We practice Beyond Organic Natural Farming – no fertilizers, no pesticides, and no herbicides, regardless whether the chemicals are considered organic or synthetic.

We never use any agricultural products that are derived from animals (e.g. blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, fish meal, fish emulsion, shrimp compost, manure) and encourage the presence of wild native animals on the farmland.

The fruit goes from the tree and into the box, at your door in 2-3 Business Days.

Isn’t all organic fruit chemical free?

Chemical Free Organic Fruit Farm in CaliforniaNo, unfortunately “organic” does not mean “grown without chemicals.” This is one of the big misconceptions around “USDA Certified Organic” label.

“Organic” is a certification that restricts what type of chemicals can be used and which ones are prohibited.

Organic fruit can still be sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, they just have to be specific types that are permissible under USDA Organic guidance.

As organic agriculture is becoming more industrialized, organic standards has been diluting over the last decade and loosing its intended meaning. There is a lot of controversy about the distinction between the types of chemicals and safe amounts to apply.

Our fruit is grown without any chemicals, whether organic or not.

At Zava Ranch, we ensure the freshest and ripest chemical free organic fruit from California delivered directly to your door.
Our goal is to develop and utilize chemical free agriculture practices that are climate friendly to California drought and water limitations, retain water, reduce erosion, improve the health of the soil and increase biodiversity, while growing fruit and herbs that maximize nutritional value and health benefits for our customers.

Isn’t all fruit, and especially organic fruit, vegan by definition?

Unfortunately, no. This is another big misconceptions around “USDA Certified Organic” label and most people’s limited understanding of what organic agriculture looks like.

Because organic farming can not rely on “synthetic” chemicals, it often relies heavily on “organic” chemicals which are animal products or by-products, such as blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, fish meal, fish emulsion, shrimp compost, and manure.

Instead, veganic farming uses plant-based techniques for soil health and improved yields, such as mulch, vegetable compost, green manure, chipped branched wood, crop rotation, polyculture, and other techniques that are sustainable and do not rely on the exploitation of animals.

Do you have questions about ordering chemical free veganic organic fruit from California?

Email us at [email protected] or Call/Text us at (805)770-0834.

We are usually out in the orchard and not by the phone, but we will get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to having you enjoy and benefit from our nutritious and delicious chemical free organic fruit!

Zava Ranch - Sustainable Organic Orchard in California