We harvest Monday mornings to ensure freshness and delivery before the weekend.

Zava Ranch

Organic Fruit Delivered from California Orchard

Healing food grown without chemicals or animal by-products

Enjoy Fresh Organic Fruit Shipped to Your Door

Super fresh organic fruit delivered via Express mail direct from California Orchard. Harvested the day your order is shipped.

Why Buy Organic Fruit from Grower?

1) Buying organic fruit direct from grower is a better choice for your own health.

2) Buying organic fruit direct from grower is a better choice for the health of our planet.

Benefits to your health and the planet’s health are the two primary reasons why making a choice to buy organic fruit from grower benefits everyone.

“Conventional” fruit that is purchased at the grocery store has typically changed many hands over many weeks or often many months, from growers, to pickers, to packing houses, to storage, to distributors, to wholesalers, to retailers. To enable this to happen fruit is cultivated and chemically treated not for the best nutritional value and medicinal properties but for extended shelf-life and hardiness in transportation. The fruit is often picked long before it reaches ripeness to increase the time it can be stored and then chemically ripened as needed. Moreover, “conventionally” grown fruit is often cultivated to look pretty in order to get better price on the market. For this reason, the fruit is often over-fertilized to make it look artificially large and colorful, even though it might have been in storage, in transportation, or on the shelf for many weeks.

When fresh California organic fruit is shipped directly to you from the grower, the time it takes to travel from the tree to your door is only a few days. Fresh organic fruit is picked at the peak of freshness and ripeness, offering you the most nutrition, enjoyment, taste, and health benefits.

When fresh California organic fruit is harvested and shipped directly to your door,  we also minimize the carbon footprint of hauling and storing fruit between various locations including your travel to go pick it up at the store.