We harvest Monday mornings to ensure freshness and delivery before the weekend.

Organic Fruit Delivered from California Orchard

Healing food grown without chemicals or animal by-products

Organic Fruit Gift Box - "California's Season's Best" - Unsprayed Unwaxed - 15lbs


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Organic Fruit Gift Box from California ships via Fedex 2-Day mail to  anywhere in United States. Our selection of organic fruit is “Season’s Best,” the freshest and most delicious fruit from our Southern California Orchard. The selection of organic fruit varies and ships direct from grower – Zava Ranch organic orchard in California.

Fresh organic fruit gift box ships directly from California orchard and gets delivered in 3 business days.

  • Nutritious and delicious unwaxed unsprayed chemical-free organic fruit gift box
  • Grown organically and veganically in California
  • Harvested from the tree the day your order is shipped
  • Shipped directly from California grower via Fedex Priority Mail
  • Please contact us if you are looking to order a large quantity of California organic fruit delivered

We don’t use ANY sprays, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, animal products or by-products of any kind. Zava Ranch veganic and organic fruit is grown in the rich soil of California, warmed by its sunshine and cooled by gentle coastal breezes.

American Grown Organic Fruit Delivered from California Orchard - Organic Fruit Shipped to Your Home
American Grown Organic Fruit Delivered from California Orchard - Organic Fruit Shipped to Your Home
Wholesale Organic Fruit Delivered from California Orchard
California Tangerines Shipped from Orchard
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What is included in Organic Fruit Gift Box from California?

Organic Fruit Gift Box from California usually consists of delicious freshly harvested California avocados, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons, limes, and other fruit depending on the season such as persimmon, passion fruit, pomegranate, Asian pear, pineapple guava, and more.

Why is Organic Fruit Gift Box from California a good present to give?

Organic Fruit Gift Box from California is a great gift for a foodie, a health enthusiast, someone you don’t know too well, or a person who has everything.

Organic Fruit Gift Boxes work well for any occasion: Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Thank you gifts, Sympathy gifts, Corporate gifts and Get Well wishes. 

There is enough fruit to share with family, friends, or co-workers.

There is enough variety to accommodate different tastes, allergies, and preferences.

The recipients of the organic fruit gift box might even discover a new fruit they have not tried before!

Advantages of getting organic fruit gift box shipped from California orchard:

Zava Ranch organic fruit are hand-picked from our trees and shipped anywhere in contiguous United States via priority mail in less than 3 days from Ventura County, California, USA.

The advantages of buying organic fruit delivered directly from the grower to your home are:

  • Bypassing packing houses, distributors, storage in warehouses, supermarkets, and all middlemen;
  • Minimal handling and maximum safety, minimal shipping time and maximum healing properties;
  • No injection of chemicals or specialized storage to extend shelf-life of fruit;
  • Time from orchard to your home reduced to 3 business days;
  • Only fresh, natural, nutritious, and delicious organic fruit delivered to your or the recipient’s door.

What to keep in mind when ordering organic fruit gift box?

Sizes of organic fruit might vary:

We guarantee that there will be 15lbs of delicious fruit included in your Organic Fruit Gift Box. However, we cannot guarantee specific count or sizes of organic fruit shipped. We pack by weight, not by count. 

Since we strive to be a sustainable orchard and not waste perfectly good organic fruit, we pick what fruit is ripe on the tree at the time you order and do not sort by size.

Fruit of different sizes naturally grow on a tree and you might receive a variety of sizes in your shipment, some organic fruit shipped will be larger, some will be smaller.

We ensure that the organic fruit gift box contents are at the peak of freshness and ready to harvest — all the sizes are equally healthy, delicious, and nutritious.

Organic fruit may have cosmetic defects:

We do not spray or apply any kind of synthetic or chemical pesticides, fungicides, or nutrients/fertilizers. We do not use any herbicides. We also do not wash the organic fruit shipped. Fruit goes from the tree straight into the box. The fruit may look dusty or have some soil remnants.

Please note that organic fruit is not always “pretty. Because we don’t spray, wash, wax, or chemically-treat fruit to achieve specific appearance, our organic fruit shipped might look imperfect and might have visible cosmetic defects.

This does not mean that fruit is bad. On the contrary, it shows that we are offering naturally-grown organic fruit shipped straight from the trees in our California orchard!

We only ship in the beginning of the week:

When you order California Organic Fruit Gift Box delivered from Zava Ranch, your recipients will enjoy a variety of fresh, nutritious, and delicious unwaxed Organic Fruit which are individually harvested off the tree on the day your order is shipped directly from our orchard to your door to arrive in 2-3 business days after shipment.

Please note that we only ship via 2-day priority mail on Mondays to ensure that the recipients have organic fruit delivered to their door before the weekend and organic fruit gift box is not sitting on a truck somewhere for two extra days.

If you place your order later in the week please allow a few extra days to receive your order to ensure timely delivery and freshness.

Zava Ranch – Ethical and Sustainable Operation:

We operate the orchard and grow our organic fruit under conservation and environmental health initiatives. We utilize drip irrigation and recyclable packaging whenever possible, and heavily invest in sustainable technology, such as solar energy.

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