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Organic Avocado Leaves for Tea - Fresh from California Orchard


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California Fresh Organic Avocados Leaves delivered from Zava Ranch are:

  • Nutritious and delicious unwaxed unsprayed fresh organic avocado leaves
  • Hass avocado leaf variety organically grown in California
  • Harvested from the tree the day your order is shipped
  • Shipped directly from California grower via Fedex 2-Day Mail
  • California organic avocado leaves delivered to your door
  • A small branch of 5 to 10 avocado leaves (the exact size, color, and number of leaves varies by season)
  • Organic Hass Avocado Tree Leaves from California are available year-round
  • Please contact us if you are looking to order a large quantity of California organic avocado leaves delivered

We don’t use ANY sprays, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or animal by-products of any kind. Zava Ranch avocado trees are grown in the rich soil of California, warmed by its sunshine and cooled by gentle coastal breezes.

Fresh Organic Avocado Leaves for Tea - California
Healing Properties of Fresh Organic Avocado Leaf Tea
Healing Properties of Avocado Leaf Tea
Medicinal Properties of Avocado Leaf Tea


Why Buy Fresh Organic Avocado Leaves from California?

Organic avocado leaves, freshly picked from avocado trees in California Orchard, have many delicious healing properties and health benefits and many ways to enjoy them and incorporate them into your life.

How to Make Organic Avocado Leaf Tea?

To prepare fresh avocado leaf tea, simply rinse the avocado leaves under cold water to remove any stray dirt or particles. Put the leaves into the pot of hot water or pour hot water over the leaves and let the leaves infuse the water for 5-10 minutes. Less or more of fresh avocado leaves can be used for gentler or stronger flavor. Sweeten with honey to taste.

Why Buy Fresh Avocado Leaves?

It is completely fine to choose dried versions for the majority of herbs, but most chefs and herbalists would agree that most herbs are better tasting and more effective medicinally when they are fresh and organic.
Depending on the harvesting and drying process, as well as storage time and conditions prior to use, the nutritional and medicinal properties of the herb might be reduced or destroyed.
The essential oils and medicinal components of many herbs are at peak levels when the herb is fresh rather than dried. For many herbalists the freshness of the harvested herbs is critical for their formulas.

Why Buy Organic Avocado Leaves?

Organic herbs are grown without chemicals and preservatives and are not fumigated or irradiated. Zava Ranch fresh organic avocado leaves are harvested of the trees in our California orchard using sustainable and ethical practices.

Why Buy Zava Ranch Avocado Leaves?

At Zava Ranch we go a step beyond organic. Organic herbs, even when “Certified Organic” are often still sprayed with various chemicals that have been approved for organic use.  Our products grow naturally with no assistance from humans.

California Organic Avocados from Zava Ranch are unwaxed and 100% unsprayed:

We do not spray or apply any kind of synthetic or chemical pesticides, fungicides, or nutrients/fertilizers to our organic avocado trees or anything we grow on our land. Our weed removal is all done mechanically or by hand, so we do not use any herbicides.

Proven Health Benefits of Fresh Organic Avocado Leaves:

  • Hypotensive Activity of Avocado Leaves: According to study in Fitoterapia, 1 Avocado Leaf might have an effect of lowering blood pressure (hypotensive activity).
  • Reducing Kidney Stones: In Indonesia, avocado leaves have been used as traditional medicines for diureticum to cure urolithiasis. According to the article published in Hayati Journal of Biosciences, 2 “extract of avocado’s leaves with ethanol extraction is an efficient agent to inhibit formation of calcium oxalate crystal in the rats’ kidney. The extract of avocado’s leaves is potential natural antioxidant and anti inflammation compounds that able to prevent formation of calcium oxalate crystal by interfering process of epithelial cell damage.”
  • Hypoglycemic Activity of Avocado Leaves: According to Indian Journal of Pharmacology, 3 “The result of the phytochemical screening of the aqueous leaf extract of Persea americana revealed that the extract contained various pharmacologically active compounds such as saponins, tannins, phlobatannins, flavonoids, alkaloids, and polysaccharides. A sustained significant (P < 0.01) reduction in the blood glucose levels of the treated rats was observed throughout the period of treatment… The observation confirms the use of this plant in ethnomedical practice for diabetes management and demonstrated that long-term treatment for 7 days was more effective than single dose acute treatment.”

Zava Ranch – Ethical and Sustainable Operation:

We operate under conservation and environmental health initiatives. We utilize drip irrigation and recyclable or reusable packaging whenever possible, and heavily invest in sustainable technology, such as solar energy.

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  2. IETJE WIENTARSIH, RINI MADYASTUTI, BAYU FEBRAM PRASETYO, ANGGARA ALDOBRATA, Anti Lithiasis Activity of Avocado (Persea americana Mill) Leaves Extract in White Male Rats, HAYATI Journal of Biosciences, Volume 19, Issue 1, 2012, Pages 49-52, ISSN 1978-3019, https://doi.org/10.4308/hjb.19.1.49[]
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