We harvest Monday mornings to ensure freshness and delivery before the weekend.

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Organic Fruit Delivered from California Orchard

Healing food grown without chemicals or animal by-products

California Organic Persimmons - Fuyu - Unsprayed Unwaxed Chemical-Free


California Organic Persimmons delivered from Zava Ranch are:

  • Nutritious and delicious unwaxed unsprayed organic persimmons
  • Fuyu persimmon variety organically grown in California
  • Harvested from the tree the day your order is shipped
  • Shipped directly from California grower via Fedex 2-Day Mail
  • California organic persimmons delivered to your door
  • 4lbs of California Organic Fuyu Persimmons averages about 12 to 16 persimmons per box (the exact number of persimmons depends on size and the density of fruit which varies with the seasons and the weather)
  • Please contact us if you are looking to order a large quantity of California organic persimmons delivered

We don’t use ANY sprays, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, animal products or by-products of any kind. Fresh organic persimmons are grown in the rich soil of California, warmed by its sunshine and cooled by gentle coastal breezes.

Organic Persimmons Fuyu delivered from California
Organic Persimmons Fuyu delivered from California
Fuyu Persimmons Delivered from California
California Organic Persimmons for Sale
Organic Persimmons Fuyu for Sale


Small Farm on a Big Mission:

To bring you the best fresh organic persimmons while supporting a great cause, we partner with a neighboring and like-minded Mulberry Lane Farm which is a small farm with a big mission.
Mulberry Lane Farm hosts a very special “Up on the Farm” day program for differently-abled farmers.
The farmers participate in all aspects of planting and growing fruit, weeding/pruning/watering gardens, composting, and harvesting and get an opportunity to enjoy nature, fun, and friends on a mountainside farm under wide open blue skies in Somis, California!

California Organic Persimmons Delivered from Zava Ranch are “Fuyu” Variety:

Fuyu persimmons are round and squat like a large tomato and crisp like an apple. They are usually sweet, without any astringency. You eat them by biting like an apple. Fuyu persimmons can be enjoyed while they are still firm, or when they soften more, depending on each person’s preference. They can be enjoyed in salads, baked goods, smoothies, or pretty much any way you like!

The Science of Persimmons and Better Health:

According to WebMD Persimmons are a good source of vitamins A and C as well as manganese, which helps the blood to clot. They also have other antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of many serious health conditions including cancer and stroke.
Persimmons are also high in soluble dietary fiber, which slows the digestion of carbohydrates, preventing spikes in blood sugar. The peel of a persimmon contains flavenoids that have proven to have antidiabetic and antioxidant properties. One component of persimmons, its tannin-rich fiber, has proven particularly effective in treating high cholesterol.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, persimmons moisturize the lungs, relieve coughs, and promote the production of body fluids, helping to keep our bodies hydrated despite the weather.
“Owing to rich phytochemistry, persimmon and its products are considered effective in mitigating oxidative damage induced by reactive oxygen species (ROS). The antioxidant potential is too responsible for anti-malignant and anti-melanogenic perspectives of persimmon functional ingredients. Additionally, they are effectual in soothing lifestyle related disparities e.g. cardiovascular disorders and diabetes mellitus.
There are proven facts that pharmacological application of persimmon or its functional ingredients like proanthocyanidin may help against hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.1

How do I know if my Fuyu persimmon is ripe and ready to eat?

Unlike other persimmon varieties, Organic Fuyu persimmons are ready to eat when they are quite firm like an apple or can be eaten when they are soft to touch, depending on personal preference.

California Organic Persimmons might come in a variety of sizes:

California Organic Persimmons grow on a tree in a variety of sizes. Larger and smaller persimmons all grow on the same tree side by side. Since we strive to be a sustainable orchard and not waste perfectly good organic fruit, we pick what organic persimmons are ripe on the tree at the time your order is harvested and do not sort by size.

For this reason you might receive a variety of sizes of organic persimmons in your shipment.

Some persimmons will be large, some will be small. We ensure that the fruit is ready to harvest, all the sizes are equally healthy, delicious and nutritious.

California Organic Persimmons from Zava Ranch are unwaxed and 100% unsprayed:

We do not spray or apply any kind of synthetic or chemical pesticides, fungicides, or nutrients/fertilizers.

Organic fruit is harvested and shipped on Mondays only:

Please note that we harvest and ship via 2-day Fedex priority mail only on Mondays to ensure that the freshly picked California organic persimmons get to our customers before the weekend and are not sitting on a truck or in a warehouse somewhere for two extra days.

Please place orders by Sunday night so that they get on our Monday harvest schedule. In order to minimize food waste, we harvest only what was ordered. If you place your order later in the week it will be harvested and shipped the following Monday and will arrive to your door on Wednesday or Thursday.

Why are Organic Persimmons shipped direct from California grower often not as pretty as fruit in the supermarket?

The reality is that truly organic, veganic, chemical-free and sustainably grown fruit is often not “pretty.” Because we don’t spray, wash, wax, or chemically-treat California organic persimmons to achieve specific “marketable” appearance, our organic persimmons might appear imperfect and might have visible cosmetic defects. This does not mean that fruit is bad. On the contrary, it shows that we are offering naturally-grown California organic persimmons straight from the trees in our orchard – no washing, no sorting by size, no artificial ripening!

Learn more about the meanings of various fruit labels (organic, veganic, conventional, grown without chemicals, etc).

Why should I buy California Organic Persimmons direct from grower?

There are many reason to buy California organic persimmons direct from grower. Buying organic fruit directly from grower is a better choice that benefits both your own health and the health of our planet.
Unfortunately, conventional fruit that is purchased at the grocery store has typically changed many hands over many weeks or often many months, from growers, to pickers, to packing houses, to storage, to distributors, to wholesalers, to retailers. Sometimes fruit is picked while it is still green, long before it reaches ripeness, to increase the time it can be stored and then chemically ripened as needed.

Buying California organic persimmons direct from grower is good for the environment.

California organic persimmons are harvested and shipped directly to your door, minimizing the carbon footprint of hauling the fruit between various locations including your travel to go pick it up at the store.

Learn more about why organic farming is good for the environment.

Buying California organic persimmons direct from grower is good for your health.

When organic fruit is shipped directly to you by the grower, the time it takes to travel from the tree to your door is only a few days. California organic persimmons are shipped at the peak of freshness and ripeness, offering you the most nutrition, enjoyment, taste, and medicinal benefits.

Zava Ranch – Ethical and Sustainable Operation:

We operate under conservation and environmental health initiatives. We utilize drip irrigation and recyclable packaging whenever possible, and heavily invest in sustainable technology, such as solar energy.

  1. Butt MS, Sultan MT, Aziz M, Naz A, Ahmed W, Kumar N, Imran M. Persimmon (Diospyros kaki) fruit: hidden phytochemicals and health claims. EXCLI J. 2015 May 4;14:542-61. doi: 10.17179/excli2015-159. PMID: 27047315; PMCID: PMC4817420.[]

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